Sep 17, 2016

Missing - Part I

It's been a long while since I posted anything.  Over a year in fact.  That seems to be the case with blogging and the like for some unknown reason with me.  However, I'm inspired to write again and to record my exploits with whomever is interested, even if it's just me.  It's hard to succinctly sum up what has happened in the last year without writing a few pages but I'll touch up on some of the more significant things (Part 1/2).
Shortly after AC100 last year, I spent several long weekends in the Sierra and climbed some peaks.  Namely, Mt. Tyndall (14er), Mt. Julius Caesar, and Red Slate Mountain.  Each one of those peaks offered new trails, x-country travel, and spectacular views.

Mt. Tyndall view from summit

View from Red Slate Mountain
Annotated view from Mt. Julius Caesar

 After the Sierra snows came I started rock climbing at an indoor gym close to my apartment in downtown, Stronghold Climbing.  I became mildly obsessed (as I seem to do with most things I get interested in) and started going 4 days/week, making friends, and venturing outdoors.  That soon got me interested in trad climbing and I took a 5-day course in March with Vertical Adventures that included learning about anchoring, learning to lead, and self-rescue.  It was invaluable and a great 5 days spent in Joshua Tree National Park.  I soon led my first single-pitch trad climbs in Boulder and Eldorado Canyon SP in Colorado, right before witnessing and being part of the rescue of a gruesome climbing accident.

Rappel down 3rd Flatiron, Boulder (photo: Joel Peach)

Climbing partner Jen Sanders, "The Cursing Southerner"

Trad lead after the accident in Eldo SP

Before I get too ahead of myself and dive into Spring, the winter entailed my training for my 5th L.A. Marathon.  The training was probably the hardest I had ever worked for a marathon with emphasis on tempo mile repeats but I got sick three times and with one being at the inopportune moment of Wednesday before the race.  Marathon training is very demanding and my immune system was clearly the victim.  My fever broke the night before the race but the writing was on the wall and I was sapped.  I eeked out a sub-3 thanks to chasing my training partner Marshall the last 3rd of the race.  We fittingly finished together in 2:58:30 but more could have been had there.  Another time hopefully.  During that training I summit Mt. Baldy six times with actual snow on top via the Baldy Bowl.  It was great.  Also prior to that attending the Marathon Olympic Trials in Downtown L.A. was amazing to witness.

Sunday Silence atop Mt. Baldy

Hurting and Happy

 After the marathon a couple road trips to Death Valley and the Grand Canyon happened as well as the climbing course in J-Tree (see above).

Wildflowers in Badwater

Ribbon Falls, Grand Canyon NP

I'll be back Sunday to finish up.


  1. Love the catching-up. And it's a real treat to read the writing of someone with such a grasp of not only what's going on around him, but what's going on inside him...and of grammar. :-)


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