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Leadville Trail 100: Race Report

The history and altitude of Leadville beckons the ultrarunner.Six years ago my good friend Joel and I backpacked the 486-mile Colorado Trail so I  have some personal history with the Colorado Rockies as well. After 13 months of not running an ultra because of the “Mental Burnout of 2012” I was toeing the line at 10,200ft.I was feeling good, mentally engaged, and ready which was pretty much the opposite of last year at Angeles Crest 100.How’d that happen?
The buildup to this race was fairly average with my primary concern being the altitude.I’ve had some good experiences at altitude but running 100 miles that high was a question mark for me.My acclimation started in mid-late May with weekends in the beloved Sierra Nevada.I hadn’t run anything over a marathon (done 1 time) for about 10 months so I was nervous about getting back into long running, however I maintained a great base throughout the year.I kick started my training with a 7 day JMT thru-hike with Prizzle in late June, knowin…