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The Science of Running with Shoes vs Barefoot(esque)

I've come across this pretty interesting blog post that sites many research articles I have come across in my time in grad school.  It talks about research on running shoes and some barefoot running kinematics.  I would like to reiterate, just as this article does, that running barefoot in not a panacea to injuries.  There is a complex relationship that includes the knees, hips, pelvis, and the trunk therefore one aspect of the body (foot) does not necessarily resolve potential problems with the others. I will elaborate more on that in the next blog posts.  Also, research is always in a process of evolution so keep that in mind when reading.  I don't typically site other people's work but I thought it did a very good job of explaining the seemingly topic-du-jour in the running world and it included peer reviewed articles to back it up.  So click on this link and see if this makes sense to you.