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Angeles Crest 100: Race Report

I knew heading into this race that I needed to be fully prepared or I was going to get eaten alive.  I started this year with the notion that I could keep my torrid pace of training and racing without any ill effects.  It turns out I was completely wrong.  After the Boston disaster I was still feeling poorly and frankly just burnt out.  However, I assumed with a couple weeks off that my motivation would return and everything would go back to the way it was back in December through February.  Wrong again.  My fear for Angeles Crest was the main reason why I didn't take more time off and return whenever I felt like it.  Training in the Santa Monica mountains and in the San Gabriel mountains were two different things so after a couple months of driving out east and training on the course the race was upon us.  I never felt comfortable with my levels of fitness or mental focus during training due to the lack of consistency and more days off than I should have been taking.  With all t…

Finally, a Physical Therapist

The past six years have been dedicated to accomplishing the singular goal of becoming a licensed Physical Therapist.  I'm extremely happy to announce that that goal has been met as of July 11, 2012.  The whole reason this process started was mostly due to my experience on the John Muir Trail in 2006.  Prior to that life-changing adventure I was a college drop-out.  I first attended San Diego State University for 1 year after high school before being kicked out due to abysmal grades (1.67 GPA) and poor class attendance.  I moved back up to LA after another year taking odd-jobs here and there, spending money I didn't have (credit cards), and avoiding any sense of responsibility with no care or thought of where my life would end up.  After taking a seasonal job at REI in the winter of 2004 I started to slowly plan the idea of backpacking the John Muir Trail.  I had always dreamed of backpacking for weeks on end being surrounded by the natural world and its beauty.  I had a 3 wee…

Boston Marathon Race Report

Did Not Finish. I think there is more to that statement than meets the eye. In my case it meant that I started out aggressive no matter what the weather conditions (89 degrees by 12:30pm). The BAA send out multiple emails stating take it easy and to not expect a PR. I can understand those statements and it seems logical. However, I didn't travel 2000 miles to take it easy and not attempt an ambitious time I thought I could do and still think I could do. It just didn't turn out to be my day.  I prepared exactly how I would for any race and I did everything within my power to be prepared.  However several factors may have contributed to this outcome: 1) 2 tough 50 mile races within 4 weeks of each other with the last one 3 weeks ago  3) A 26 mile trail run the week before. And that's all I can really think of but clearly it was enough.  As soon as the gun went off and I started running my legs felt weak and the pace I was running didn't equate to the effort I was feeling…

Old Goats 50 Race Recap

I remember seeing the listing for this race last year and wanting to one day run it due to the sheer challenge of it.  I was close to signing up for it but I realized I was nowhere near ready to tackle a race of that magnitude; 12,000 feet of vertical climbing to be exact (and 12,000 feet descent).  Fast forward one year later and there I was waiting the last few minutes with a crowd of other shivering runners ready to take on 12,000 ft. of climbing over 50 miles on technical trail.  I didn't have a chance to give this race much thought throughout the last couple of weeks due to being pre-occupied with my internship and realizing that I had absolutely no knowledge of the course.  So I'd been going about my training without really slowing down after Ray Miller 4 weeks previous and not giving this race much thought.  I had been more nervous and anxious before Ray Miller probably because I had put a couple of solid months of training without the confidence of whether or not it wa…

Ray Miller 50: Race Recap

The trail was starting to come alive with the creeping morning light and the pack started to move. Some starting their 31 mile journey or their 50 mile one.  Mine was the latter.  Being familiar with this trail it bottlenecks quite early so being near the front was my priority.  It would require a more aggressive race strategy, something I've been reluctant to employ mainly out of a fear of blowing up later.  However, today was different.  I wanted to run to my current potential and I believed a strategy of controlled aggression would be necessary.  The morning was overcast creating perfect running weather but that would soon give way to a strong winter sun that made things a bit toasty later in the race.

Miles 0-19:
A came out with controlled aggression and was feeling good.  I was throwing in some faster miles early for this type of race but I didn't care.  I was nearing the end of Wood Canyon Trail (Backbone Trail) and I got an unexpected surprise in coincidentally running …

Get Rhythm: Ray Miller 50 Mile Preview

I guess the majority of the work for this race is complete so now I'm here typing, itching to get out and race this thing already.  Usually come taper week I can relax and enjoy the lead up to the race.  But something has changed.  I used to solely run to race and stay in "backpacking" shape but late last year I re-thought my goals and I wanted not only to race events but race them as well as I can; be the best prepared I can given a balanced life and normal life circumstances.  In order to do well, consistent training had to increase substantially with racing taking a back seat.  The two weeks pre and post race day have suddenly apparently turned into a feeling of wasted time, even though my better judgement says this is the proper way to be approaching this event.  My last race was back in mid-November, so it's been a while (15 weeks), and I have to say running hasn't really stopped since then.  The past 9 weeks have been as solid of training weeks I can muster…

Where's Winter?

All quiet in the mountains; maybe until this weekend.  It's been quite a dry winter so far and even though the runner side of me has no complaints the rest of me is wondering what the heck is going on.  It really only started to get "SoCal Cold" this past week so winter might be getting a late start.  After all, the past 2 years have been monsters so we're due for a dry spell.  This weather has certainly been ideal these past months for getting out on the trails.  Since the new year commenced I've also started my full-time 4-month internship (final one!) at a local PT orthopedic clinic.  The hours are 8-6 M-F forcing me to run in the early morning and waking up at 540 five days a week isn't my strong suit; however if I am serious in what I want to accomplish this year I simply have to do it.  I'm glad to say that so far it's worked out.  God knows I despise the first 0-20 minutes after I get up and you'll often hear common mumblings like "Why…