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Bishop 50 Mile Ultramarathon: Final Prep Race

The final prep race for the San Diego 100 (in 3 weeks) was run yesterday outside Bishop in the foothills of the snow-choked mountains of the Sierra Nevada.  It was my second 50 miler and certainly the harder when you factor in elevation gain, altitude, and terrain.  Megan was joining me on the trip up while running her own 20 mile race, which she won (3rd overall) in a time of 2:53, 1 minute off the course record for women.
We camped the night before at the start and finish located at Millpond Recreation area which turned out to be a great car-camping spot with a strong-flowing stream right in the middle of it and the awesome peaks of the Sierra's looming close by.
We were joined by TheOnion, a fellow hiker and ultrarunner friend, who will also be running San Diego 100. He was running in the 100km (~62 miles) and this is coming off the PCT 50miler the previous Saturday. Tough dude.
There was a free dinner in the town of Bishop at the Whiskey Creek Restaurant that included delicio…

Annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kickoff (ADZPCTKO)

Tis the season for backpacking. More specifically, the Pacific Crest Trail, the long wilderness trail that spans 2665 miles from Mexico to Canada.  This past weekend was the annual kickoff, a 600 plus member send-off to all the current hikers making their journey North located at Lake Morena, mile 21 of the PCT.  It's an inspiring weekend where past hikers reminisce and future hikers dream of taking their first step on an amazing journey.Leaving the PCT only 155 miles into it in 2009 left a bitter taste in my mouth.  However, I must say that I ended up having an awesome summer in the Alps, which ironically is where this summer's 450 mile backpacking trip is going to take place. Megan and I had a great time at the kick-off where we reconnected with TheOnion, Ducky, Tomato, Meadow Ed, Nitro, Squatch, and Sky.  We ran the 21 miles from the border to Lake Morena saturday morning and the desert wildflower-filled trail (thanks to a huge water year) only deepened our secret inner desi…