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End of the Semester, Return to Running, and New Year Plans

Finally, the end of the 2010 school year has come. On Tuesday I partook in the last of 9 finals of the semester concluding the first part of the second year. I have 2 more academic semesters and 24 weeks of clinical affiliations to complete before I take my national board exam for physical therapy in summer of '12.  I cannot wait to experience that day. In the meantime I have some fun things in the works for the next 5 weeks.
I first want to mention that I made a successful return to running on November 23 after my ITB injury. I have to credit swimming with playing a major role in keeping me sane and probably helping with any residual inflammation at the lateral aspect of the knee.  As much as it felt terrible a lot of the time not to be able to run, or at least hike, it has invited me to explore different forms of activity. I already mentioned swimming; some of the benefits I noticed included the ability for the body to dynamically stretch and move within a larger range of motion…