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Where's Winter?

All quiet in the mountains; maybe until this weekend.  It's been quite a dry winter so far and even though the runner side of me has no complaints the rest of me is wondering what the heck is going on.  It really only started to get "SoCal Cold" this past week so winter might be getting a late start.  After all, the past 2 years have been monsters so we're due for a dry spell.  This weather has certainly been ideal these past months for getting out on the trails.  Since the new year commenced I've also started my full-time 4-month internship (final one!) at a local PT orthopedic clinic.  The hours are 8-6 M-F forcing me to run in the early morning and waking up at 540 five days a week isn't my strong suit; however if I am serious in what I want to accomplish this year I simply have to do it.  I'm glad to say that so far it's worked out.  God knows I despise the first 0-20 minutes after I get up and you'll often hear common mumblings like "Why…