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Sycamore Canyon 50K: Race Report and Photos

The buildup to the SD 100 continued with my last 50K of the season at Sycamore Canyon, Pt. Magu State Park. The Grand Canyon trek really didn't take anything out of me and I continued with my weekly training without a break.  The week before the run had me dealing with a cold while slightly increasing mileage to ~80 miles/week. It was fairly challenging, physically and motivationally speaking, but made it through that week and the next feeling a bit better. I was now looking forward to the beautiful run at La Jolla and Sycamore Canyons. I consider those trails to be the most beautiful in the Santa Monica Mountains as it hugs the west side of the mountains just off the Pacific Coast Highway.  You can get excellent views of the Channel Islands, the shoreline, and at times can only see mountains and royal blue ocean. That along with great running weather made for an excellent set-up to the run.  My goal for the 50K was to break 5 hrs and the 10,000-ft of ascent and descent was about …

Grand Canyon: Tanner TH to South Bass TH (~110 miles)

After my experience in the Grand Canyon last May, I knew I would be back the following spring to explore more of this fascinating, unfathomable creation.  Fast forward to January 2011 where I submitted my permits to traverse from the furthest east to the furthest west trailhead via the a few trails but mainly the Escalante Route and the East/West Tonto Trail.  Most of the route encompassed new territory for me and was not the kind of distance or areas the backcoutry office sees covered in a typical backpacking trip. The usual ones include hikes 5-10 miles per day to the more popular sites where a good trail leads to perennial creeks.  My foray demanded 25-28 mile days to more remote and wild areas of the Grand Canyon that required traveling through Native American lands, probable long waterless stretches (~30 miles), unmaintained and sometimes disappearing trails, and arranging transportation to/from the trailheads (or in my case, hitchhiking).  In order for the trip to have been succ…