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The Magical LA Marathon Run (Race Report)

I remember when I completed the LA Marathon last year after a virus (mononucleosis) knocked me out for most of January and February.  I was training specifically for the race in the hopes of qualifying for the most prestigious of road marathons: The Boston Marathon. For my age and gender my qualifying time is 3:10 roughly equating to 7:15 per mile average.  My training had been going well but one weekend I started to get headaches that progressed to full-blown fevers greater than 101 F by Sunday night; and it didn't abate until 21 consecutive nights had passed.  That included two emergency room visits, being bed-ridden, missing classes, and leaving the MD's baffled on why I experienced these bizarre and frankly severe symptoms.  With only 4 weeks until the already-paid-for LA Marathon I didn't believe I had a shot of participating in it; that was because my first run five weeks since the first fever included stitches on both sides, the inability to keep an upright posture,…

Race Report: PCTR Malibu Creek 50km

The buildup to the San Diego 100 mile endurance run continues with the Pacific Coast Trail Runs Malibu Creek 50km (31.5 mile):
After the Calico Ghost Town 50km I signed up for this race 6 weeks later which was a perfect amount of time to get some more solid foundation and increase my training mileage. I have been running 60-70 miles per week evenly split between road and trail. Now that this race is complete I'm going to increase the mileage to 100 miles/week in order to make sure I have a solid foundation before June. The key is to  do the runs consistently at a sub-normal pace while staying injury free. We'll see how that goes.  It's been OK in terms of time management between PT school, studying, and work to get those 60-70 in, but 100 is going to be tough. However, I do have daylight savings on my side starting next week so that will definitely help.   As far as the race goes, beside the timing, this took place at my home course so I figured why not? The course has 12,…