Jan 17, 2011

January 11-14: Colorado Winter

 Flew to Colorado to visit my backpacking buddy Joel Peach, whom I met and backpacked with on the 2nd half of my first JMT hike in 2006.  The next year we backpacked the Colorado Trail together and those experiences have created a deep friendship. I credit him for playing an important role in my life-altering decision to return to school in 2006.  When I first visited him in 2006 after the JMT we have started this tradition of coming up with adventures during the visit. True to form, Joel came up with a 1000km bike ride from Saigon to Hanoi in Vietnam during winter 2011-12.  Having been there once and, in my opinion, not fully experiencing what Vietnam had to offer I jumped on the plan! Coincidentally, one of my PT professors has been getting grants the past few years to go to Vietnam during the winter with several students to participate in an internship at a local hospital. Hopefully she gets that grant again because I'll just stay after that's done and go on the bike trip!
Not to get too far off track here are some photos from our snowshoeing trip in the Indian Peaks Wilderness and rappelling at the Golden Cliffs outside of Golden, CO.

Denver from Golden Cliffs (Photo: Joel Peach)
Fresh Powder (Photo: Joel Peach)

Joel on top of the snow covered boulders
Sandstone-like Snow
Indian Peaks Wilderness outside Nederland

Lost Lake

(Photo: Joel Peach)
(Photo: Joel Peach)

Golden Cliffs (Photo: Joel Peach)

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